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Tech Tools to Help Grow Your Savings

Over the last decade, the world of technology has grown in fantastic and innovative ways.  In years past, it may have been difficult to fathom the truly global reach of companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google.  Today, these are the types of outlets that have extended our social reach and the breadth of our accessible knowledge.

But technology can also give us tools to help us to grow our savings and achieve wealth over time.  This use of technology might not be as trendy or as fashionable as the latest apps and mobile devices.  But most experts agree that proper use of personal finance tech tools can positively impact the quality of life that is possible for families and households.

Digital Security

Many older consumers feel reluctant to connect technology devices to bank accounts or other money sources.  But while these are reasonable concerns, it should be understood that there are many different types of financial apps and many of them are purely informational (not necessarily tied to a credit card or bank account).  

This ultimately lends credence to their legitimacy and security because there is reduced incentive for hackers or other people to attempt accessing your account.  The world of technology has come a long way in terms of reducing digital theft over the internet, and this is why older consumers should not worry about losing money when using these types of personal finance apps.

Personal Finance Tools

When looking for help in managing your money, it is critical to use budget tracking tools that will allow you to monitor spending habits in a more objective way.  This is important because it can be tempting (and easy) to conveniently overlook some of our spending decisions.  It is much harder to do this if we have a verifiable record of all money coming in and going out.

Digital budget tracking tools can be a lifesaver in these ways because they can help you to avoid making irresponsible purchases.  In the end, managing wealth comes down to relatively simple math and all of that accounting is much easier to organize when it is done automatically through an exceptional budget tracker.

Banking and Investment Apps

These days, most banks offer access to mobile apps that can be used to streamline purchase transactions.  Since these are usually free, it is a good idea to add them to your mobile device as a means to receive alerts in cases where questionable purchases might be made.  There are also many excellent investment apps, that will allow you to trade stocks, mutual funds, and other assets in the active markets.

Over the last few years, we have seen economic scenarios where interest rates are low and stock markets have made strongly bullish rallies.  In these types of environments, it is actually much better to invest your money (rather than to simply save it in a bank account). This is because banking account interest rates near zero pale in comparison to the double-digit gains that have been seen in the S&P 500 stock index.  

Growing wealth means understanding how to organize your money, and this can be difficult if households do not have a record of all purchases that are made on a regular basis.  It is the regular purchases that most influence wealth and net worth (often, even more than irregular purchases that have a larger price tag).

The reasons for this lie in the fact that long-term financial trends tend to be defined by what is called “purchase consistency.”  Households that do not manage their money tend to fail in understanding which types of financial behaviors are most destructive over time.  The easiest way to remedy these habits is to more closely monitor total spending figures through budget tracking tools.

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