May the New Year bring a global financial picture that looks less like a roller-coaster ride at Disneyland and more like a consistent incline on a hike ūüėõ

Here are a few links for your enjoyment.

  • Money Multiplier down which means available credit isn’t leaving the system.
  • Old but good: America actually¬†earns more¬†from its assets abroad than it pays to foreign investors. Precursor to this other article by¬†Krugman on debt v deficit and why those in the know know nothing,¬†Dean Baker¬†adds to the argument that government debt is not as big a burden on future generations.¬†Nick Rowe¬†and¬†Don Boudreaux¬†respond.
  • Why Mitt Romney is an idiot and those who vote for him are the same. The stupid ‘fear mongering’ on job data.
  • Solution? Bring back boring banks.
  • Greek crisis means we all need to work longer. That saves money right?! Wrong.