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Category: Insurance

What is Universal Life Insurance?

Universal life insurance combines an investment component within a life insurance policy. They are often advertised as a tax shelter or as the best way to save on taxes. Policyholders are able to choose investments in the...

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AIG Bailout Backfires

Bailouts seem to be the new trend in this recession. Companies, such as AIG (American Insurance Group) have received a helping hand just as they were on the brink of failure. President Barack Obama has been confident that these...

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AIG Seeks Bailout – News Links

Collection of AIG Articles In the wake of the recent debacle(s) in the US, now with the bailout of insurance giant AIG, we have combined some links that we’ve found online in one easy location. Check out what others have...

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European Commission Solvency II

The European Commission has proposed shaking up how the EU’s insurance sector covers risk. Solvency II aims to protect policyholders better and spur competition in the 27-nation European Union while making more efficient...

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